About Us

Once upon a time, in the bustling world of e-commerce, a visionary entrepreneur named Sarah Madisson set out to revolutionize the way women shop for clothing. In the early 2017s, Sarah recognized the growing trend of online shopping and saw a unique opportunity to create a space specifically tailored for women's fashion enthusiasts. Thus, in 2018, she founded "Velluto Rosso" an online women's clothing store that would soon become a beacon of style, convenience, and empowerment.

The journey of Velluto Rosso began with a small team of passionate individuals who shared Sarah's vision. They meticulously curated a collection of chic and trendy clothing, ranging from casual wear to elegant evening dresses. Sarah was determined to create a platform that not only offered the latest fashion trends but also celebrated the diversity of women's styles, body types, and personalities.

As the years went by, Velluto Rosso continued to evolve with the ever-changing landscape of fashion and technology. The store embraced sustainable and ethical practices, introducing eco-friendly clothing lines and promoting responsible manufacturing. Sarah's commitment to inclusivity and body positivity also led to the expansion of size ranges, ensuring that every woman could find something that made her feel beautiful.

The company actively engaged with its customer community through social media, hosting virtual fashion shows, and encouraging user-generated content. Velluto Rosso became more than just an online store; it became a community where women could connect, share their style inspirations, and support each other.

In 2020, facing the challenges of a global pandemic, Velluto Rosso adapted swiftly by enhancing its online presence, offering virtual styling consultations, and prioritizing safety measures in its supply chain. This resilience not only helped the store weather the storm but also strengthened its connection with customers who appreciated the brand's commitment to their well-being.

As the years rolled on, Velluto Rosso continued to thrive, expanding its product offerings, collaborating with fashion influencers, and even opening brick-and-mortar stores in major cities. The brand's success was a testament to Sarah's vision and the dedication of the entire team to redefine the online shopping experience for women.

In 2024, Velluto Rosso stands as a pioneer in the online fashion industry, a symbol of empowerment, diversity, and style. The history of this women's clothing store is a tale of innovation, adaptability, and the enduring pursuit of making every woman feel confident and beautiful in her own unique way.